The Incident Series

THE FELINE AFFAIR (the Incident series prequel novelette) Available as an ebook for Kindle/tablet/iPad.  Find it on Amazon, Amazon UKAmazon Canada, Amazon Australia, and Amazon Germany.

A wager concerning a famous physics cat has everyone at St. Sunniva University’s time-travel lab choosing sides. Meanwhile, food has gone missing from the biology department fridge. Dean’s assistant Julia Olsen is on the case…or would be if the new chief of campus security didn’t stand in her way. Can Julia rise to the double challenge presented by one sneaky thief and one elusive historical cat? 

The Feline Affair is a novelette of about 12,000 words (50 pages).

THE FAR TIME INCIDENT (Book 1 of the Incident series) 
Available from 47North in trade paperback, audiobook, and eBook for Kindle/tablet/iPad. Find it on Amazon, Barnes & NobleAmazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, and Amazon Germany.

Available in audio book narrated by Mary Robinette Kowal.

*** Top 100 Kindle Bestseller
*** Amazon UK Top 100 Kindle Bestseller

A deadly accident rocks St. Sunniva University's time-travel lab and dean's assistant Julia Olsen and campus security chief Nate Kirkland must figure out what went wrong. When the investigation points towards murder, Julia and Nate find themselves caught in a deadly cover-up—one that strands them in ancient Pompeii on the eve of the eruption of the world’s most infamous volcano.

THE RUNESTONE INCIDENT (Book 2 of the Incident series) 
Available from 47North in trade paperback, audiobook, and eBook for Kindle/tablet/iPad. Find it on AmazonBarnes & NobleAmazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australiaand Amazon Germany.

Available in audio book narrated by Mary Robinette Kowal.

*** MN Book Awards Nominee
*** Kindle Bestseller in Time Travel Science Fiction

St. Sunniva's Julia Olsen and Nate Kirkland find themselves hot on the trail of a fourteenth-century artifact, a missing runic specialist, and an all-too-familiar kidnapper who has used the university's time machine for a joyride deep into America's past.

THE BELLBOTTOM INCIDENT (Book 3 of the Incident series) 
Available in paperback and eBook for Kindle/tablet/iPad. Find it on AmazonBarnes & NobleAmazon UKAmazon CanadaAmazon Australia, and AmazonGermany.

Julia and Nate, St. Sunniva University’s time-traveling crime-stoppers, are facing their toughest challenge yet: Sabina, their adopted niece from the lost city of Pompeii, has gone missing—in the bellbottom decade, of all places. The only clues to her whereabouts are hidden in a Kurt Vonnegut novel. Can Sabina be rescued before the final, unstoppable showdown with History?