Manuscript Critiques

Maybe you’ve been laboring on your novel for a while and feel something isn't working quite right, but you’re not sure what. It could be the pacing, or an issue with the narrative structure, or your protagonist has not quite gelled into who you need them to be. You’re too close to the material and need a fresh set of eyes. 

Or you’ve finished writing and are readying to query or self-publish, and want to make sure the manuscript is where it needs to be for the next step.

You need a content edit, also known as a developmental edit or a manuscript critique. That’s where I come in.

What You’ll Get:

When you work with me, I read your entire manuscript twice, the first time all the way through without stopping, and the second with an eye out for everything from story structure to pacing issues to character development. As I read along, I’ll mark the manuscript via Track Changes in Microsoft Word, and summarize everything in an email that outlines areas in need of improvement and my overall thoughts.

I’m available for a phone call or a back-and-forth via email to go over the notes.

Open to: Book-length general fiction, science fiction, mysteries, thrillers.

How Does It Work?

Send an email to neve (at) with a brief description of your project and your goals for the critique, and I’ll get back to you with pricing and turnaround time.